Circular knitting needle set Lilac Stripes, 4-10mm | Prym KnitPro

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This attractive circular knitting needle set Lilac STRIPES contains everything you need for knitting jackets, sweaters, scarves, decorative accessories and more. The trendy design of the circular knitting needles makes you want to start your next knitting project with the cheerful striped look in purple and white. The set consists of 8 pairs of needle points, 4 ropes with stitch stoppers and an assembly pin. The needle tips and cords can be combined as desired. The beautifully shaped bag with a transparent look ensures that nothing can get lost. The robust circular knitting needles convince with the very smooth transition from the needle to the rope and their slender tips, because this allows quick, effortless knitting. The noble wood creates a pleasant hand warmth and makes knitting even more pleasant.

    • Circular knitting needle set with 8 high quality circular needles
    • 4 ropes with stitch stoppers plus assembly pin
    • Attractive stripe design in purple / white
    • Lilac fabric bag
material 70% wood, 20% metal, 10% plastic
size information Ø 4 mm; Ø 4.5 mm; Ø 5 mm; Ø 6 mm; Ø 7 mm; Ø 8 mm;   Ø 9 mm; Ø 10 mm  | ropes 60/80/100/120 cm