Summer, cotton, lace and bright colors. It seems that it is more common to see lace in pastel shades and classic white and black, but we wanted to play not only with texture, but also conjure up a bold and bright summer mood. The sample uses cotton and polyamide (EU40) in a bright fuchsia/pink color and very fine (4000 m per 100 grams) merino&silk yarn (EK04) in a slightly darker shade. Cotton yarn has an interesting twist, like crimped and swirled. I like how the knit is neat and tidy at the same time, but also a bit rough. We used a classic punch card with a geometric pattern, changing the threads in places, we got a very fine lace and a coarser one with only small fine lace inserts. The thickness of the cotton yarn is 420 m per 100 grams, therefore, when knitting on a class 5 knitting machine, a density of 10 (max) is used, which creates an opportunity to show the lace pattern more.

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