1. Does the yarn comes on separate cones, if I buy 300 grams, for example? 

  • No, if you buy, for example, merino wool, white 3 quantities by 100 grams - you will receive the 300 grams on one cone. We don't split yarn, to avoid extra costs of paper cone and transportation costs and most importantly we don't know are you a machine knitter or the hand knitter and for what purpose you will use the yarn. 

2. The DPD or OMNIVA parcel shops are only for deliveries within Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

3. Can I pay with bank card?

  • Yes, you are welcome to pay with your bank card, as long your card is valid for online shopping. Please, after you fulfil details of your card, press the button - next. It is the common mistake, that customer after fulfilling the card details change the payment method to the paypal or online bank. That means all the card details are deleted and you don't pay with card, but with PayPal or bank transfer.

4. What other types of payments you have?

  • We accept PAYPAL payments and also you can pay at your online bank. Please use the order number as the reference, when pay at your online bank.